The history of the name Leeno´s

Once upon a time there were three young men, who had a dream… They wanted to open a restaurant where service was as natural as breathing, good food was served for reasonable prices and where everybody (both locals and Madeira visitors) would feel welcome…

They thought about a lot of things: the location, the interior, the style of the plates, glasses and cutlery, and they also thought about the name of the new restaurant.

Two of the men were already working together: Lee and Lino. Luis, the brother of Lino, would also join the team. Therefore they took a part of each name, so the name of the restaurant represented their companionship… Lee, Lino and Luis became… Leeno*s!

And they worked happily ever after…


Welcome to our restaurant, we are looking forward to see you. Your presence and positive energy are always welcome!!!

PS: the star * in the name represents by the way … you (our dear client).

Leeno's Name